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As beloved as they were by early-’90s hip-hop artists and Justin Bieber circa 2012 replica hermes belts , hammer pants are not the kind of garment we see around much these days. They’re not the most flattering, for one, and their name alone conjures up images of saggy, cringe-inducing silhouettes. “Harem pants” tends to be the preferred term in fashion circles—”drop crotch” if you’re feeling anatomical.Last night, however, the billowing, ankle-hugging trousers turned up once again in the unlikeliest of places: on the legs of Amal Clooney, international human-rights lawyer and wife of an actor you might of heard of. The couple was photographed outside Grill Royale restaurant in Berlin, where George is currently promoting his new movie, “Hail, Caesar! ,” and while Amal’s crop top and peacoat gave the outfit a modern spin, the pants were most definitely of the “Hammer” genre.What do you think: Can she bring back the style? Or is this one trend that should stay in the archives?


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Wait, Is Amal Clooney Trying to Make Hammer Pants Happen?

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