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I can’t resist this bag replica bags , and I’ll admit that part of my attraction to it is my imagination getting the better of me. I’d like to think that Lee “Alexander” McQueen’s tortured soul has finally found wings to soar, where ever he is. You may find my depiction morbid but it’s how I’d like to remember him by, flying about on his skull wings, without a care! The embroidered skull wings give the bag a vintage 70’s rock and roll vibe but it’s far from Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’m off to Asia for a month and will take a week vacation to get over my jet lag. Will be blogging from the far east and hopefully share many new adventures with you! Alexander McQueen Skull Wings Quilted Medium Hobo for $1,995

I can only dream today. It’s such a beautiful bag.

thanks for the great video! i have a collection of plastic? bags i have no idea what to do with.

This is a really beautiful one. I think we will look into featuring it on I really like the vintage look to! You don’t see many dark (especially black bags) like this that still really stand out!

Phenomenally Beautiful!!!

I love this bag!!!!

Alexander McQueen Skull Wings Quilted Medium Hobo

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